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We support you on each step of the creative journey.

We work with artists of all genres and fanbases.

Together we explore how to use the format to its fullest power.

We connect you with other artists to materialize your vision. 

We provide a selection of venues which will best hold space for your work.

We consult you on how to adapt a pre-existing work to the format.

You always remain in control of your IP.

We share tools to make the work (software licenses, studio spaces, sync solutions).

We apply for grants / funding for your project.

We connect with brands interested in supporting your project.

We foster a community of A/V producers, media and industry partners.

We develop a release / tour plan together.

We secure and handle the venues.

We provide XR hardware and our proprietary synchronization technology.

We take care of ticketing.

We take care of promotion together.

You and your team don’t need to be present at the events (but you're always invited).

The tour is easily scalable: it can run again or be extended to other regions.

We share audience details with you for your future engagement.

Your work can be added to the For Eyes catalogue if you wish.

You keep ownership of your work.

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